"Society has evolved from the industrial age to the information age. The industrial-style classroom is obsolete. Schools must seize the opportunity to integrate technology into the learning environment in effective and powerful ways that support improved student learning.” - Erica Mark, Technology Resource Teacher, York Region District School Board

Math is so much more than just the learning of facts, and with the right tools, can be an exciting experience. EdTech opens up new ways for students to engage with complex ideas in math and STEM, while also learning to problem solve correctly and accurately. In addition, it allows educators to find novel methods of instruction, save time and offer feedback that’s critical for student progression and collaborative working.

This new school year, we’d like to help. Below, you’ll find a variety of resources, including webinars, blogs, and more, to offer fresh insights into math & STEM instruction. You’ll also get the opportunity to explore the tools that reduce workload and create avid mathletes in the classroom, no matter their level of ability. We hope you enjoy this Back To School theme with us!

Webinar: Back to School with Texthelp - EquatIO

More essential resources

Digital tools in the math classroom

Join Google Certified Educator, seasoned math teacher, and dedicated technologist, Ben Rouse (AppsEvents) as he explores how digital technology can transform math & STEM learning for every student.

EquatIO mathspace: it’s elementary my dear

The overall goal of EquatIO is to make it delightful, intuitive, and fun for students to communicate their thought processes. But with mathspace, there's even more reason to get hands-on with STEM.

Webinar: Empower your students in math and science through UDL

Further support from the experts

Get insider knowledge and expert advice from Erica Mark. A dedicated teacher for over 18 years, and currently a Technology Resource Teacher for YRDSB, Erica has a keen interest in Mathematics, Special Education and Assessment. She’s a great proponent of the possibilities of EdTech in the classroom, especially as a means of accessible, engaging instruction.

cool cat teacher

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