Webinar Series: Supporting neurodiversity and hidden disabilities across the sector

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Free webinars, videos and guides, created with D&I experts. 

Like you, we believe that the workplace should be as diverse as the world around us.

Diversity is what makes your Force stronger. People perform better when they feel confident to be themselves. 

As you work hard to achieve your vision for the future of policing, we’d like to offer our support. 

Register to receive recorded sessions, guides and checklists from the Metropolitan Police, National Police Autism Association, and Texthelp. All presenting on strategies and best case examples which will help you better support neurodiverse team members and those with hidden disabilities.

Each session has been tailored to offer you insights that will help you to recruit, retain and nurture a diverse Force. 

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Empowering neurodiverse employee choice & voice with inclusive technology

A video session delivered by Aidan Kelly, Workplace Accessibility Specialist at Texthelp.

Uncover the role of inclusive technology in removing workplace barriers, particularly for neurodiverse employees. Hear examples of effective technologies being used across the policing community to support dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and adhd.

Effective workplace accommodations in an evolving workspace

A video session delivered by Rachel Billington, HR Senior D&I Lead at the Metropolitan Police.

Explore key considerations in creating an environment where employees feel proactively supported. Discover processes to help you drive effective change. Gain insight into a workplace accommodations programme enabling reactive supports in the face of change. 

Challenging stigma. Addressing unconscious bias. Championing best practice, NPAA

A video session delivered by John Nelson, Chair of the National Police Autism Association.

Gain best practice for harnessing the strengths of neurodiversity. Discover initiatives that can help you to create a culture where employees feel free from stigma and unconsious bias, in an environment where everyone can fulfil their potential.