The Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations 2018 created legal obligations for website owners and content creators across the UK.

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In this webinar, we hear from GDS, the government body responsible for monitoring and enforcing the regulations, about what the regulations mean, what you should be doing now and what new actions need to be taken before the mobile applications deadline in June 2021.

We will also discuss how to move beyond what’s required by law and look at best practice advice around creating content and platforms that are inclusive for all.

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A webinar session with the experts

Join Richard Morton, Head of Accessibility, Government Digital Service; Louise Harris, Creative and Channels Team Leader, Government Digital Service; and, Donna Thomson, Marketing Manager, Texthelp to gain:

  • An overview of digital accessibility regulations and forthcoming deadlines
  • Advice on the actions you need to take to achieve compliance
  • Information about how the regulations are monitored and enforcement practices
  • Best practice advice around content creation, readability and the use of PDFs.
  • Guidance on creating accessible videos, podcast and social media posts
  • Information on resources and tools that can help

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  • A recording of the session
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  • An overview guide from Texthelp on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and it’s four POUR principles
  • Practical WCAG checklists for content creators and designers
  • Links to official GDS guidance on how to comply with the regulations plus best practice advice on content generation, accessible social media and more
  • Videos and blogs from industry experts such as Abilitynet, Content Design London and Research Institute for Disabled Consumers

These resources particularly benefit...

 Marketing / communications / PR professionals, website managers, digital leaders, corporate social responsibility leads and IT specialists.

It's also beneficial for anyone looking to optimise their online presence, improve brand reputation, and boost bottom line by building more inclusive marketing and digital experiences.

Meet our webinar speakers

Headshot of Richard Morton

Richard Morton, Head of Accessibility, Government Digital Service
Richard Morton is Head of Accessibility for Government at the Government Digital Service (GDS). He focuses on building accessibility capability across the public sector through GDS Accessibility Empathy Lab sessions, clinics, training and testing, and the cross government accessibility communities.
Headshot of Louise Harris

Louise Harris, Creative and Channels Team Leader, GDS

Louise Harris is an experienced communications professional with more than a decade of digital expertise built working across the public and private sector. She leads the Government Digital Service’s (GDS) multidisciplinary Creative and Channels team, and provides expert advice on the use of digital channels within GDS and wider government - with a particular focus on accessible communication best practice.

Headshot of Donna Thomson

Donna Thomson, Marketing Manager, Texthelp

With two decades of marketing experience, Donna is passionate about digital inclusion and enabling inclusive online user experiences for everyone. Her vision is a digital world without barriers, where everyone can participate fully and independently, regardless of difference, disability or language.