What does the recent schools shutdown mean for the future of teaching and learning maths? For a subject still very much in the pen and paper era, what has the forced shift to online learning taught us about teaching maths in the digital environment?

What's the advice from industry leaders?

Listen along to leading industry voices: Mark McCourt, Chief Executive of La Salle Education, Atul Rana, Online Maths Tutor, Thomas Packer, Dragonfly Consultant, Dr Ciaran McIvor, Maths Teacher and Researcher, and Patrick McGrath, Education Technologist, as we hosted a discussion around what the future looks like for the maths curriculum.

During the recorded discussion panelists:

  • Reflected on the challenges they’ve faced teaching maths remotely
  • Discussed the role technology has played
  • Looked ahead to the future of teaching maths digitally
  • Anticipated the changes that are coming
  • Outlined their advice to the profession as a whole

Digital maths in practice

If the group discussion has inspired you to think about what the future of your maths classroom looks like, then don’t miss our series of videos featuring Atul Rana, an online maths practitioner and Ciaran McIvor, maths teacher. 

The series of videos will:

  • Guide you through introducing new maths concepts digitally
  • Demonstrate how to complete formative and summative assessments
  • Show you how you can overcome some of the challenges of digital teaching

Meet our contributors

Mark McCourt, Chief Executive of La Salle Education

Mark is a leading figure in mathematics education, having led many large-scale government education initiatives, both in the UK and overseas. Mark was a Director at the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) and has also been a school leader, an Advanced Skills Teacher, a school inspector and a teacher trainer. He founded and was Chairman of the Teacher Development Trust and is a Director of a Multi-Academy Trust in England.

Atul Rana, Online Maths Tutor

Atul Rana is an online maths and Science private tutor based in London. His previous careers include being in the aerospace industry and building software for economic models. Tutoring for 14 years and completely online since 2016, he has pioneered the use of document cameras for remote teaching as well as innovating the use of online digital whiteboards for teaching primary aged children. 

Patrick McGrath, Educational Technology Strategist at Texthelp

Patrick is the resident Education Technology Strategist at Texthelp. Whilst focusing on how technology can make a real and meaningful impact on teaching and learning for all, Patrick has a particular interest in inclusion and equity for all. Most of all though, he loves to get practical and support teachers and leaders with the knowledge and skills around tech tools that are transformative yet easy to use.


Dr Ciaran McIvor, Maths Practitioner and Researcher

Having graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in mathematics, Ciaran went on to research and devise many novel electronic architectures, mathematical and arithmetic techniques and algorithms for modern data encryption schemes. His book, based on cryptography, was published several years ago. Ciaran is currently teaching Mathematics at St Malachy’s College, Belfast. He has a particular interest in the use of modern technology to enhance teaching and learning in mathematics.

Thomas Packer, Consultant at Dragonfly Training

Thomas Packer has been teaching for over 35 years in a variety of settings, his specialist subjects are physics, mathematics and further mathematics. Thomas was for a time, one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Education, specialising in Science, Maths, Music and Leadership & Governance. He has advised the Department for Education and the All Party Parliamentary Select Committee for Education on curriculum matters and school finance.