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Our new accessibility and inclusion solution ReachDeck goes live very soon. Get a sneak peek now.

Introducing ReachDeck. Our exciting new solution that will help you remove communication barriers from your website. Reach a wider audience. And, build trust in your brand.

ReachDeck Auditor automatically finds WCAG failures on your website. That's any web failure identified in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). ReachDeck Editor helps your whole company to write content that is easy to understand and reaches all users. ReachDeck Toolbar helps your web audience understand your website in a way that suits them best.

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ReachDeck Features Preview

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Take control with ReachDeck

The ReachDeck dashboard gives you full visibility of your website's performance. At a glance, you can see where you fail WCAG Level A, Double A and Triple A compliance. You can tailor your toolbar to suit your own and your web audience's needs. And, you can improve the language used across all your communication channels.

Don't break the law

ReachDeck scans your whole website for errors so you don't have to. It scans for all possible failures according to WCAG. That's over 370 errors! It checks for broken links too. Super fast. It scans three times a week without setting a reminder. You can run manual scans too. Anytime that suits.

Use language we all understand

ReachDeck helps your whole company write in a way that is easy to understand and reaches all users. It points out any jargon words and long sentences for you to review. It spots spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes too. And, it tells you the average age of your writing so you can tailor it to your audience.

Reach a wider audience

ReachDeck's toolbar supports people to use your website in a way that suits them best. Reading and translation tools help everyone feel included and valued. And you can reach a wider audience.


When we go live with ReachDeck next month, the Browsealoud Toolbar will become part of ReachDeck. Don't worry. All the things you love about Browsealoud will stay the same. Sign up to the webinar to learn more.

Did you know this about WCAG...

Many countries and states all over the world have developed their own web accessibility laws based on the guidelines provided by WCAG. This includes the UK Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Accessible Canada Act.

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Introducing ReachDeck

Stuart Blair, Workplace Product Manager, Texthelp

Get a first look at ReachDeck before it goes live. Learn how to find and fix web accessibility issues. Help your whole company to write in Plain English. And give your web audience the tools to understand your website in a way that suits them best.

Using Plain Language

Writing in a way that people can understand is very important to us. We want to use plain language and make sure that this page is easy to read. And that it is created with our users in mind.

The content on this page has been written for people who are familiar with accessibility and inclusion language. But, let us know if anything is confusing or doesn’t make sense to you. We want to do better.

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