Teaching in a Changing Landscape

How to support all your students and optimize your digital teaching workflows

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To say that things have been in flux over this past year is an understatement. The everyday learning environment has taken on a whole new meaning as students and teachers have pivoted from in-person, to remote, to hybrid learning (and have sometimes bridged these gaps multiple times). But we’re doing it and making it work, and most importantly we’re changing the landscape of traditional education every day.

Join Joni Degner - Texthelper, UDL expert, and member of the CAST Professional Learning Cadre - for a session as we take a look at how education has changed over this past year, where things are heading and how students can move forward with rigor and without barriers. 

We’ll also hear from product managers, Kathleen Colburn and Louis Shanafelt, as they spend time demoing Read&Write and EquatIO - two tools that can support your students across literacy and STEM, no matter the varied environments they’re learning in. The two will detail ways to make your lesson planning, instruction and assessment easier, while also integrating with your existing platforms, like Google Classroom, Canvas, Brightspace and Schoology. Plus you'll hear more about how you can bring PDFs to life with Read&Write's PDF Reader and how you can save two-thirds of your time scoring and providing feedback for math assignments using EquatIO Mathspace's new Rapid Reviewer feature.

Jodi Burr, full-time Texthelper and resident CARES funding expert, will be wrapping up the webinar with a discussion on ways in which you can gain funding for both of these tools.