When it comes to online behaviour, 79% of people tend to scan content rather than read. As visitors scan your website, we want to give them the best chance of spotting ReachDeck.

You’re providing them with a supportive set of tools, and we don't want them to be missed. That’s why we’ve done some digging to discover the best position for you to place your launchpad.

Research unearthed that as we scan digital content, we follow an F-shaped pattern. That means that we track the top of a page, before putting our focus on the left side. And, as we move down the page, our horizontal scanning becomes shorter and shorter. The visuals below show a heat map of our eye movements. As you can see the pattern is a similar shape to the letter F.

(Photo source: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/f-shaped-pattern-reading-web-content-discovered/)

This research was conducted by Nielsen, a web usability expert, back in 2006. However recent research by the Nielsen Norman Group highlighted its relevance today.

You might find that as you browse the web, you’re drawn to headings and images. You find your eyes darting around the screen. If the web page contains hyperlinks, you might glance through them searching for the topic you’re interested in. But, without these elements, it's still our natural instinct to follow the F-pattern.

That’s why, we recommend that you place the ReachDeck Toolbar launchpad at the top of your website. And in the same place across every page on your site. This will give your visitors the best chance of spotting the Toolbar. And they’ll know where to look as they navigate through your website.

Now, let’s get started. Visit the ReachDeck Portal and follow our instructions.

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