Digitising paper resources, converting inaccessible PDFs and getting the most from Read&Write's PDF reader

If you're a Read&Write for Google Chrome user (via a Google device or Chrome browser), follow our step-by-step journey below to learn how to digitise resources, convert inaccessible PDFs, and get the best use of Read&Write’s PDF Reader.

Alternatively, if you're a Read&Write for Windows user, check out your bespoke journey here.

Digitising resources and using Read&Write PDF reader

Firstly, let's turn your paper resources or inaccessible PDFs into a digital format that's accessible

Paper resources Use the Snapverter extension to convert paper documents - simply grab your smartphone, take a picture of the handout, save the image to your computer, open Snapverter, select the image file and click to convert.

Inaccessible PDFs Use the Snapverter extension to convert inaccessible PDFs - simply open Snapverter and select the file you would like to convert.

Didn't get the Snapverter add-on? No problem. If you have a Microsoft device use your standard scanner to scan your paper documents, and use the scanning feature within Read&Write for Windows, to convert your scanned PDFs into an accessible format - you can then switch back to Read&Write for Google Chrome to use the PDF reader feature with your new PDF files.

Use Snapverter to convert inaccessible PDFs
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Download PDF reader
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Next, download Read&Write's PDF reader extension

The Read&Write PDF reader feature is an additional Google Chrome extension, separate from the main Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar. If you don't have it yet, download it now.

Download the PDF reader extension To download the PDF reader, select a PDF document on your Google drive and right click ‘Open with Read&Write for Google Chrome’, where you will be prompted to install PDF reader. Alternatively download it now.

You're ready to use Read&Write's PDF reader

Once downloaded, you’re ready to use PDF reader. It will have appeared on your browser toolbar for easy access. You can also change the settings in Google Chrome so that PDFs are always opened by the PDF reader - when you use it for the first time, you will be prompted to do so.

Read&Write's PDF reader for Google Chrome toolbar provides access to most of the features available on the main Read&Write toolbar, enabling text-to-speech functionality, audio and pictorial dictionary access, direct input of feedback and more. A few icons you may be unfamiliar with include Typewriter, Push pin, Freehand drawing and Shapes drawing.

Typewriter - add additional text, with access to Prediction and Talk&Type features

Push pin - add personalised notes, with access to Prediction and Talk&Type features

Freehand drawing - draw freehand elements

Shapes drawing - insert ready-made shapes

For more information, check out our handy Youtube tutorial .

You're ready to use PDF reader
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Read&Write PDF reader toolbar