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When it comes to education, some of us don't fit the mould.

We may struggle to access learning materials.
Or to communicate what we've learned.

That's because we all think, learn and express ourselves differently.

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But we can use different tools to achieve the same goals.

That's where the
Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)
comes in.

The DSA helps to cover the additional study costs faced by disabled students

Specialist equipment

Such as computers, voice recorders, or ergonomic equipment

Sign language interpreter

For hearing-impaired students

Assistive software

Such as notetaking, planning or mindmapping tools

Yet when we surveyed eligible university students, 32% of them had not heard of the DSA

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We reckon it's all in the name.

Many neurodivergent students (students with learning disabilities or conditions that affect how they think and process information) don't regard themselves as 'disabled'.

of neurodivergent students
don't consider themselves 'disabled'

This means they are missing out on tools that could support them at university.

Guess what percentage of neurodivergent students hadn't applied for the DSA?

Do you have a diagnosis of
dyslexia, ADHD or other learning need?

You could be eligible for tools to support you at university.

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