How will this change in ownership impact me and the students I support?

Assessors should notice no change in the products and services provided by Texthelp, Claro, LexAble or Lingit. Going forward, we want to maintain the choice available to students via assessors. 

What do disabled students stand to gain from this change? What are the benefits to them?

Together, Texthelp, Claro and LexAble have extensive technical knowledge and enhanced capabilities. Using these shared resources, we expect to be able to help more students around the world. For example, we hope to bring some accessible math technology to ClaroRead to improve Math and Science accessibility, borrowing from Texthelp’s EquatIO expertise. We plan to add to the range of products available to students and bring AT innovation to the market more quickly. 

Will service quality or policies change?

Customer Service and product quality will only improve. As part of a larger group with the highest standards of compliance (ISO27001), all members of the group will now operate at this high standard. This will mean a higher level of quality will be applied in software development, protection of student data etc. 

Will there be any staffing changes that might affect me?

No, you will still continue to deal with the same people in the same way.