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Our recent live webinar had it all: expert analysis, high-level strategies, and practical examples of everyday UDL teaching and learning, from Curriculum and Design Specialist at CAST, Allison Posey, as well as Director of Teaching & Learning at De Montfort University, Dr Abigail Moriarty. Watch it below to discover how to promote learner diversity whilst addressing individual needs, delve deeper into examples and analogies of UDL in a higher education setting, and understand how to overcome challenges and obstacles in a UDL rollout in your institution.

Don't forget about the foundations of any good UDL practice...

Grasp the basics of UDL or have a refresher on the fundamentals, with CAST’s Curriculum and Design Specialist, Allison Posey. Watch the video below to understand how the framework can be applied in a higher education setting, as well as discover how implementing UDL ensures that students can access and participate in meaningful and challenging learning opportunities.

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