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We know that reading & writing challenges make life difficult for a lot of people.

We decided to find out how common literacy struggles are, in our first national survey.

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We asked 2000 Aussies about their own reading, writing and comprehension skills.

Discover what we've found.

What percentage of Australians do you think feel embarrassed about their reading & writing skills?

Literacy challenges can impact everyday life


of us feel less confident at work when we have to read or write.


said their literacy skills make them feel inadequate


find it hard to understand paperwork such as rental agreements and phone contracts.

Many parents dread homework as much as their kids.

30% of Australians said they have little-to-no confidence helping their kids with homework. It makes people feel really embarrassed, and so they don't admit that there's a problem but it's more common than you might think.

If you find it hard to understand text, then helping with homework or reading to your child is going to be a real challenge.

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What percentage of Aussies experienced literacy difficulties during their education?

There are a lot of negative feelings caused by literacy problems. We want to remove the stigma and break the cycle.

We want to make sure people know where and how to get the help they need.

Helping people to read, write, understand and communicate is what we do.

We believe that…

Words can't hold us back

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We’re Texthelp.

As the name suggests, our aim is to help people with text, particularly those who struggle with digital text.

We produce tools that help people understand and be understood.

The technology we create is designed to help people who have problems with reading, writing and literacy.

As our research shows, that's not just a few of us, that’s most of us.

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We created Read&Write to help. Our flagship tool has improved the literacy of millions of people globally. And it can help you too.

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Are words holding you back?

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To break the vicious cycle of negative doubts, it is crucial that we teach ourselves and especially our kids to seek resources and tools to assist them if they are struggling.

I am excited about the opportunity to highlight and endorse the solutions available to Australians to address the barriers they may face