We’re on a mission to improve student writing

Writing is often left behind when compared to reading and math achievement and we want to bridge the gap. It’s important that students learn how to communicate effectively through writing.  And the first step is simply getting students to write. By writing a little more each day, students can build their confidence and achievement in writing.

That’s why we’re challenging teachers, schools and students to write the most words they can this academic year.

By taking part in the WriQ Word Challenge you’ll be joining a global community of educators who are committed to getting their students writing.

  • Motivate students to write like never before.
  • Improve writing achievement.
  • Track writing progress across your school.

Join the WriQ Word Challenge

Taking part in the WriQ Word Challenge at your school or district is easy, follow these short steps to join in. You can also check out our challenge FAQs for more information. 





Step 1

Getting started is simple, all you need to do is get your students writing. And the great thing is you really only need to spend just 5 minutes each day to make a difference and boost your total number of words.

Challenge other teachers at your school to join you, and see which class can write the most  words this academic year. 

Step 2

Use WriQ to do all the work in the background, tracking progress and counting the total number of words. So you can focus on improving student writing and motivating them to write as much as they can.

If you’re not using WriQ at your school yet don’t worry. Click below to learn more about our writing achievement tool and how to get set up.

Get WriQ>

Step 3

Join our global community of WriQ Word Challengers by sharing that your school or class is taking part using #WriQWordChallenge. We’d also love to see what writing prompts you’re using and how you’re keeping your students motivated. Together we can get students writing.

Step 4

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the WriQ Dashboard to see how the challenge is heating up. And at the end of the academic year we’ll be rewarding the schools or classes who worked hard to write the most number of words.

Good luck and thanks for helping us get students writing!

Useful Resources

To help you get off to the best possible start, we’ve gathered together lots of helpful resources for you to download and use in your classroom.

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An image
An image

Challenge your colleagues and help improve student writing across your school by sharing this image on your social media and let them know you’re taking part.

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