Neurodiversity exists in the world and should be in the workplace too

1 in 7 people has a neurodiverse condition.

What does it mean to be neurodiverse?

 The “neurotypical” brain develops typically in terms of thought patterns & behaviour.

The “neurodivergent” brain stands out from the crowd & offers unique perspectives and rich characteristics.

Neurodivergent individuals are often...

Out of the box creatives

High creativity & holistic thinking associated with Dyslexia & ADHD.

Industry savants

Passionately enthusiastic about their interests, those on the Autistic spectrum tend to be geniuses within their fields.

Analytical gurus

Problem solving skills linked with Dyslexia & Autism due to pattern recognition ability (Dyslexia) & superb attention to detail (Autism).

Proactive leaders

Proactive approach to tasks, open-mindedness & ability to cope well under pressure.

Famous neurodivergent talent 

Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group
Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple
Jennifer Anniston, Actor
Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA Founder
Whoopi Goldberg, Actor/Comedian
Theo Paphitis, Entrepreneur & Dragon's Den star

Current workplace challenges

40% of employers globally struggle to fill positions
Yet only 30% include neurodiversity in their HR policies.

There is a whole workforce waiting to be embraced, it’s time to create working environments which welcome and nurture neurodiverse skillsets.

All you need to do is adjust, thoughtfully

Recruit based on job-specific skills, not social
Be flexible and allow personalised ways of working
Celebrate individual strengths and place employees where they thrive
Embrace available resources such as assistive technology

Technology can help overcome barriers

For example, supporting literacy issues, the ability to focus, and difficulty processing information.

Read&Write can help

Our literacy toolbar, Read&Write can help with features such as...

Auditory support - text is read aloud
Visual dictionary - words are defined with pictures
Writing assistance - speech to text function and check it feature reduces errors
Reading guide - applies a focal point to reduce cognitive load
Highlighters - colour coding feature assists with organisation

If you would like more information on how to support and empower neurodiverse employees, we have a handy guide available to you for free.