The power of personalisation

One of the biggest supportive elements in personalised learning is education technology, and it has a lot to offer. Not only for the knowledge development of students, but for the efficiency of educators. Check out our resources below for insight into digital tools that can help transform learning environments for both students and teachers.

Recorded webinar: technology to empower personalised learning

This webinar was hosted by Texthelp's Greg O'Connor with guests Tracey Catling and Nick Brierley. Tracey and Nick are both educators teaching in Catholic Education schools and are advocates for the use of digital technology in creating adaptive and efficient teaching and learning.

How to harness the power of personalised learning: a guide for busy teachers

We know how busy teachers can be and we also know that the success of your students is the motivation driving you to achieve it all. So, we teamed up with two experienced educators to bring to you a guide that will help you to balance your workload, and embed a personalised learning approach into your everyday teaching strategies, seamlessly.

Read&Write and EquatIO are FREE for teachers

Our literacy support toolbar, Read&Write, includes features that help students to read and digest content, focus on and organise information, and complete written work with confidence. Extending to maths and STEM, our maths accessibility software, EquatIO, makes maths digital, transforming mathematics, science and technology subjects into a richer, more rewarding experience for students and teachers alike. We offer both free to teachers - simply sign up using the link below.